Christian Addiction Support – Finding Strength From Others

In rare instances people manage to stop drinking and overcome an addiction successfully by themselves and without any outside help. But why make it hard for yourself? Being in the middle of an addiction or problem with alcohol is usually a very lonely place to be.

There are many ways your BAC level can get affected, and if you have correct knowledge, you can protect yourself against getting charged with drunk driving. Keep in mind that your BAC would depend upon the number of drinks you take, the speed at which you drink, your gender, weight and the food you have taken.

Call a sober friend or family member. Many people don’t like spending the night in a strange bed. If you are drunk and find that you want to spend the night at home, call someone you know who is sober and will pick you up.

A host of preventative efforts are made to deter drunk driving. They range from public information commercials, the broadcasting of horror stories from crashes and the very public display of police check points. Logically, all make sense as deterrents, but there is one problem. By definition, a person that has been tossing down adult beverages all night is not making logical decisions. State governments use the concept of fear to address this issue.

So how would know for sure that you have a drinking problem? You need to start taking steps and asking yourself some serious questions about your behaviour. You might think diagnosing any illness like drinking is simple, and it is if you follow the right process like diagnosing anything else.

Permissive: In this type of family, the children are made to choose from options. There is a democratic way to select on what you feel is right for you. A child is allowed to make decisions and for every decision he makes, he must be able to justify it. The outcome of whatever these kids do will depend on how they handle every situation there is and the parents don’t even get the blame for it. It would always be “their” choice as the parents would aver.

Luckily, I have learned some better methods of dealing with these sorts of challenges. Instead of getting drunk I sent an email to my CPA letting her know about the letter. I then found a quiet spot and asked God to please handle this problem for me since I did not have the tools do so myself. My next thought was to call my alcoholics anonymous sponsor and let him know what was going on.

The fact of the matter is a drunk driver is over 700 times more likely to get involved in a deadly accident as opposed to a driver that is completely sober. The startling fact of the matter is that most drunk drivers who get involved in accidents have a history of prior DWI arrests. Statistics show that most are 25 – 35 years old and male, but of course that is only a statistic. There are drunk drivers of all ages, male and female.