Addiction – Do Not Let It Steal Your Future!

Of course, it is classic addictive behavior to hide and lie about one’s drinking problem. Nobody wants to admit that they have a real problem. It is only what those in Alcoholics Anonymous call “hitting rock bottom” that people often start to see the real nature of their drinking problem.

The book alcoholics anonymous, commonly referred to as “The Big Book” makes some pretty strong promises at this point. These are actually a part of step nine. So, if we have thoroughly completed that step we should begin to see some of them in our lives.

Say it with a smile. Once you see your parents starts to drink the first shot, try to refrain them by saying it “drinking is dangerous to your health dad or mom” with a smile and say “I love you, I don’t want to miss you”.

Once we have our sponsor’s approval, we should bravely move forward with our task. Finding the appropriate time, we will tell the person we have something important to discuss. We will give them an example or two of when we acted badly. We may ask them if they remember the event, which they may or may not. If they remember the time in question we will ask them how that affected them or made them feel.

In some occupations, like home remodeling for example, being a jack of all trades might be okay. It might even be an advantage. But successfully defending a drunk driving case in a New Jersey court takes someone with a practice focused on drunk driving cases.

Mary had thought about the drinking problem a very long time. Sometimes he had tried to express to George her concerns. It didn’t go well; she was reluctant to try again. When Mary came into counseling she expressed being overwhelmed, tired, and depressed. What underlie these symptoms were her concerns for the drinking of her husband. After 6 weeks she regained the strength in herself, later she had an honest conversation with her husband where she expressed her concerns and requested that George get help. At last report, George went into treatment.

Take care of drunk friends and strangers: Make sure that the group assigns who will be the one that will take care of drunken folks on the way home. No person should be subject to caring for those who have alcohol-induced symptoms while making sure they get home safe.