Top Ten Tips For Reducing Alcohol Consumption

Your answers are usually analyzed and your results are based on the answers. Again these results will give you a good indication of it there is a problem or not.

Members of alcoholics anonymous who arrive at step six will be asked to make another important decision. They will be asked to let go of ALL of their defects of character.

More commonly though, members describe a more gradual spiritual awakening. By spending time learning to think of others first and rely on God’s will, rather than their own will, they become more spiritual and less worldly.

Meditation is the second, often overlooked, part of communicating with our Higher Power. Our spiritual life should be a conversation. That means we do some talking and some listening. Meditation is the listening part of the conversation.

What about the driving itself? Many people are surprised to learn that the car doesn’t have to be moving to get a DUI in most states. Let’s say you and your loved one spend a night out on the town. You are at a bar and get in an argument. The two of you head out to the car to have a personal chat. It is winter, so you fire up the car to generate some heat. A police officer watches you do this and thinks you are drunk. The officer can charge you for drunk driving since the engine is on. It does not matter that you are just sitting there.

Every person should be able to identify if a person dear to them might have a drinking problem. The hardest part would always be to get an alcoholic to admit he has a problem. If you feel like your life will not function properly without alcohol in your system, then you definitely have a problem. If you feel like you have a problem, you should seek professional help, and you must decide to stop drinking now. Do not waste any time because every second you let pass would equal to a lost opportunity to be better.

The alcoholic loves all the negative attention you give them such as the fussing over them when they drink, arguing to them about their drinking, babying them by putting them to bed, cleaning up messes they make while drinking, paying their fines, and not to mention giving them money for alcohol. What is left for them to do? Loved ones enable and they don’t even know it! Enabling is synonymous with taking responsibility when it comes to being married to an alcoholic.